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CSS infotech: A Company that deals with your every networking problem!!
It is very convenient when you can get a wide range of networking solution from a single company. This helps in getting the work faster and cut down the efforts, energy and bafflement from running to various companies to fix your IT problems. CSSInfoTech delivers a broad spectrum of unimpeachable networking solutions to their customers so that they can concentrate on their core business instead of paying intense attention to their technologies. The solutions provided by the Company are custom made and are as per the needs of the organization or individual.

Solutions like Attendance Alert System can be very useful to organizations with a large staff, and the same organization would require human resource management system. These networking solutions ensure that the resources are adequately managed, and the employees are paid on the basis of their work and reduce frauds.

For schools and colleges, School management system provides a comprehensive process for the admission of a student and clears the enquiry and helps in better management of the money and the staff. Centralized restaurant management system is exclusively developed for restaurants to ensure better accountability and management. Some other products that we offer are:

  • Car garage system
  • Help desk system
  • Grievance portal for distributors
These solutions help in increasing the working efficiency of your organization and are frequently updated to provide better services whenever possible.

At CSSInfoTech, our technical collaboration of qualified and skilled professionals is renowned for building and supporting at par technology solutions that are based on industry best practice methodologies. We took pride for delivering personalized, responsive solutions with reliable IT support on your single call.

hm Taxi Booking System
This Portal (Pushapk) will facilitate Automation of Taxi booking in any company through online web base portal. Modules to be Developed:- Admin Module, Employees Modules,Head of Department Module, HR Module, Security User.

hm Human Resources Management System
Date wise reasons for half days or any deduction., Salary slips – Upload on 1st of the month- View rights., Draft Salary Slip- Admin should able to create draft salary slip by filling a form.

hm Online Reputation Management Tips to improve your online reputation management:- Observing the popularity of the social media and networking business scenarios has now changed a lot.

attendence Attendance Alert System
Administrator can view any class or any section attendance report any time in Excel File or PDF File or any format you can download also.Keeping record of the attendance of staff in any organization, institute, colleges & schools is an excruciating job.

car Car Garage System
After clicking on invoice hyperlink details like Invoice No, Car No, pHone no, address, name, category, amount, total amount tax, item, work done-part/labor, type of invoice like Encrypt –Simple. by filling a form.

desk Help Desk System
Employee can raise a ticket regarding any hardware complaint like , mouse, keyboard, CPU, UPS, TFT, Moniter, Network, Outlook, Software not working.

resturent Centralize Restaurant Management System
Admin will login and will create order by selecting category, item , quantity and will put mobile no as key value first to fetch customer details if it is in data base after order it will print receipt.

school School Management System
Student can enquiry for any trade, session, fess through submit their personal information as Name, Mobile no, email, Father’s Name, DOB, Employment Status, Qualification, address, Status-M/F, Male/Female, Cast, Trade, Percentage.

distributor Grievance Portal For Distributors
IT admin will create Grievance reason (Problem type in bullet) first and will add email id associated with that problem type only in the following order specifically.

csscloud CSS Cloud Storage
Next-generation Cloud Storage with advanced features on file syncing, privacy protection and team work. File Syncing and Sharing :- Organize files into libraries. Each library can be shared between users and into groups.

csschat CSS Chat
CSS Chat which is an instant messaging (IM) and group chat server that uses XMPP server. Can support more than 50,000 concurrent users. Web-based administration panel.

cssvpn CSS VPN
CSS VPN is a software application that implements virtual private network (VPN) techniques for creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections.

cssclass Get the best from our CSS classifieds software
This CSS classifieds enables you to manage every aspect in your classifieds website, from setting up payments, ads moderation, unlimited categories, subcategories, locations and sub locations.

cssmail CSS Mail Server
CSS Mail Server is a collaborative software suite that includes an email server and web based clients are available, with most lovely features.,Themes - Ability to customize the colors and appearance of the web interface.

cssmail Courier Tracking System
Coming soon....

cssmail CSS HRM
CSS HRM is a comprehensive, cost-effective HR solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. For companies operating in a single country, CSS HRM offers you a rich array of modules to suit your requirements and your budget.

cssmail CSS Classifieds
CSS Classifieds can be used to create car/auto sales, job search board, buying & selling real estate and almost anything you can think of.

cssmail CSS Ticket
CSS Ticket seamlessly routes inquiries created via email and web-forms into a simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based customer support platform. osTicket comes packed with more features and tools than most of the expensive (and complex) support ticket systems on the market.

cssmail CSS POS
CSS POS is a web based point of sale system written in the PHP language. It uses MySQL as the data storage back-end and has a simple user interface.

cssmail CSS ERP
CSS ERP is a complete web based accounting and business management system that requires only a web-browser and pdf reader to use. It has a wide range of features suitable for many businesses particularly distributed businesses in wholesale, distribution and manufacturing.

cssmail CSS CRM
CSS CRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM solution in the market. The company uniquely places the individual at the center of its solution—helping businesses transform the customer experience and enable highly personalized interactions that drive customer excellence and loyalty throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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