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CSS Mail Server

CSS Infotech

CSS Mail Server is a collaborative software suite that includes an email server and web based clients are available, with most lovely features.

CSS Mail Server Feature List

  • Themes - Ability to customize the colors and appearance of the web interface
  • Auto-complete addresses - Addresses auto-complete as they are being typed, including a dynamically updated selection dialog, when multiple addresses match
  • Spell check - Option to check and correct spelling in a mail message, calendar appointment, or web Document
  • HTML formatting - Ability to render and create messages, appointments, and web documents in HTML format
  • Multi-source address picker - Ability to choose from users in personal Address Books, shared Address Books, or the Global Address list.
  • Conversations - Automatic grouping of messages in a message thread, enabling efficient message organization
  • Compose in window - Option to popup a separate window when composing a message
  • Account quota warning - Users will receive an email message warning of quota usage based on a threshold defined by administrator
  • Day, Week, Month view of calendar - Ability to view calendar in Day, Week, or Month view.
  • Personal folders and hierarchies - Ability to create personal folders and folder hierarchies
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